Dodge Hemi 5.7 Replacing the Timing Chain

The 5.7 Hemi is a very easy engine to replace the timing chain. Just a few little things to keep in mind. You don’t line the marks like you would in a Chevy V8. Just look at the pictures.

2011-2015 CHRYSLER 300 5.7 HEMI

09 – Engine, 5.7L / Valve Timing / CHAIN and SPROCKETS, Timing/Removal

Special Tools:

8514 – Pins, Tensioner

1. Remove the timing chain cover (Refer to 09 – Engine/Valve Timing/COVER(S) , Engine Timing – Removal).

  1. Install the vibration damper bolt finger tight. Using a suitable socket and breaker bar, rotate the crankshaft to align the timing marks with the timing chain sprockets (1, 2).
  2. Ensure that the camshaft gear (2) is aligned with the camshaft timing chain marks (1) in the twelve O’clock position.
  3. The crankshaft gear mark (1) should align with the timing chain mark (2) at the six O’clock position.
  1. Retract the chain tensioner arm (1) until the hole in the arm lines up with the hole in the bracket.
  2. Install the Tensioner Pin 8514 (2) into the chain tensioner holes.
  3. If the timing chain tensioner is being replaced, remove the retaining bolts (1) and remove the timing chain tensioner.

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  1. 2013 5.7 ram deleted eco . Up cam size. New heads. Lifters, timing. Now it runs like crap.. pops through exhaust. And throttle body. Will not accelerate at al
    l. Skips, sputters, fires up fine just won’t run right,or accelerate. Help please.

      • The procedure said it wasn’t required to replace the push rods. Thought it was out of time. Reworked it like old chevy. Now it will not cranck up. Just spins going to put timing back the way it was . At least it run. Also. It wouldn’t accelerate just idle really rough and popped through exhaust and throttle body.

          • Timing back where it runs.. but its rough running. Will not accelerate at all.. heads are new stock. Push rods are new stock, new throttle body, spins over great. Very little if any popping through exhaust and throttle body.. I think it needs tuned, and may be in limp mode.. idk what else to do. Eco delete, or msd delete. Is what I done. I’m lost as of now.

          • I’ll tell you what. I had the very same thing once. And after days of trying to figure it out it came down to it has to be the cam. So out came the engine, again. Replaced cam with a dealer cam. Started right up, drove it around the block, parked it and it’s been fine ever since.

  2. I have a 2005 Dodge Durango with the 5.7L V8. It has about 225K miles. We are going to gift the vehicle to my wife’s sister (SIL), and i was asked whether it might be time to do the timing chains. In talking with my mechanic, who’s knowledge i trust, he recommends not doing anything until it starts throwing cam codes. He went so far as to say it might mean when that time comes, the engine might just need replacing. Currently it has thrown no codes and is running strong.

    • That’s a lot of mileage for that engine. The problem waiting until you have cam codes, it will be too late. The lifters will lock and grind down the cam very fast. And with all that metal, it will wipe out the motor. If it was me, change the oil every 3k and keep your fingers crossed. Either way it will be big bucks that you might not want to invest in a 05

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