How to Replace timing belt on BMW Z1 E30 2.5 1993

Special tools

  • Water pump pulley holding tool – BMW No.11.5.030.
  • Fan wrench – BMW No.11.5.040.

Special precautions

  • Disconnect battery earth lead.
  • DO NOT turn crankshaft or camshaft when timing belt removed.
  • Remove spark plugs to ease turning engine.
  • Turn engine in normal direction of rotation (unless otherwise stated).
  • DO NOT turn engine via camshaft or other sprockets.
  • Observe all tightening torques.



  1. Turn crankshaft to TDC on No.1 cylinder. Ensure timing marks aligned [1] .
  2. E28/E30: Remove distributor cap. Ensure distributor rotor arm aligned with mark on distributor body. E34: Remove distributor cap, rotor arm and backplate.
  3. Hold water pump pulley. Use tool No.11.5.030. Using wrench No.11.5.040, undo fan coupling and remove viscous fan.
  4. Remove water pump pulley.

NOTE: Fan coupling nut has LH thread.

  1. Remove:
    • Auxiliary drive belts.
    • Engine speed (RPM) sensor (if applicable).
    • Crankshaft pulley/damper bolts [2] .
    • Crankshaft pulley/damper [3] .
    • Timing belt upper cover [4] .
    • Timing belt lower cover [5] .
  2. Slacken tensioner bolts. Move tensioner away from belt. Lightly tighten bolts.
  3. Remove timing belt.


NOTE: DO NOT refit used belt.

  1. Ensure timing marks aligned [6] & [7] . E28/E30: Ensure distributor rotor arm aligned with mark on distributor body.
  2. Fit timing belt in anti-clockwise direction, starting at crankshaft sprocket. Ensure belt is taut between sprockets.
  3. Ensure timing marks aligned [6] & [7] .
  4. Slacken tensioner bolts.
  5. Turn crankshaft two turns clockwise.
  6. Ensure timing marks aligned [6] & [7] . Tighten tensioner bolts to 23 Nm.
  7. Install:
    • Timing belt upper cover [4] .
    • Timing belt lower cover [5] .
  8. Fit crankshaft pulley/damper [3] . Ensure locating pin located correctly.
  9. Tighten crankshaft pulley bolts to 23 Nm [2] .
  10. Install:
    • Water pump pulley.
    • Auxiliary drive belts.
    • Viscous fan and coupling. Tighten nut to 40 Nm. Use tool No.11.5.040.
    • Engine speed (RPM) sensor and distributor (if applicable).

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